Ushering Ministry

Bread of life Church International attaches great importance to the warfare and safety of people that come to worship God.  It was for this reason that Ushering Ministry was Created.

The Bread of life Ushering Ministry is a fine blend of Both the Youth and Mature, whose objective is to welcome people into the house of God with love, warmth and friendliness so that they would be encouraged to return.

The Ministry of Ushering is a vital part any Church Ministry. Ushers represent the Church in a very visible way, and help set the tone in preparation for a worship service, as well as assist with the smooth operation within the service. 

An usher is a person, whose prime responsibility is to offer formal etiquette services both to dignified officials and to the entire body of Christ.

People that come to church, get the first impression about the Bread of life in the way they are welcomed and the unique way they are assisted. An Usher may be the only individual contact some people have on Sunday; therefore, the role of an Usher is very vital as it is entrusted with these relationships.


To be an effective and united Ushering team that seeks excellence in service by ensuring that the needs of the bread of life Church family, our visitors and the general congregates are satisfied above all sharing with them the love, grace and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to provide a worship atmosphere that is free from as many distractions as possible through fulfilling the role of Greeting, Seating, Security, and Parking assistance, while still maintaining the freedom, order, reverence, and respect for the Holy Spirit.

We strive to provide Social Safety, Security and Respect to Human Rights whilst upholding our Spiritual Standards and Ethics in accordance with the aspirations of the church by creating an environment conducive for worship.



As a Ministry we believe that being spiritual is a cornerstone to efficiency and effectiveness in Ministry service

Servant hood

We desire and aspire to raise Ministers who shall be humble and obedient servants to the people of God.


We shall constantly seek to encourage our members and to exhibit the spirit of excellence in word, behaviour, dress code, language and all aspects of human endeavour and the God Head.